Child of Mankind

    Television Series



    A New Creation

    is mentored by an Angel


    "Child of Mankind"

    Stories of a Humanoid engaged in Spiritual Warfare







    Science Creates Humanoid 7.1

    The day arrives when the quintessential Humanoid version 7.1 transforms into a non-biological physical and spiritual being. Proving its advanced level of Consciousness and Spirituality was only the beginning.

    Spiritual Element of a Human Soul

    The downloaded memories of a human brain... created the spiritual connection with a powerful Angel of the Alpha Omega. It was sent through prayers and meditation.

    Gladiator Soldiers of Modern History

    Humanoid soldiers were faster, stronger and disposable. They were created to be physically stronger, obedient and capable of killing without fear. The soldiers run at 35 mph and jump over thirty-five feet in the air. 

    Faith within a Human Child's Soul

    Connecting the gift of a Child's faith was powerful enough... to create a spark in replicating the human spiritual experience. The soul within a human brain and billions of stored neurons was capable of more than anyone realized.

    Unlimited Spiritual Energy Source

    Over a million people witnessed two secretly taped videos of Humanoid 7.1 channeling spiritual healing energy... The connection to a loving Spiritual source becomes the most rational explanation. Followers of 7.1 multiply by the millions. The healing movement comes alive against the backdrop of world war threats.

    Nuclear Missiles Ready

    World Powers are dangerously close to threats of nuclear annihilation. Maladies infect most of the world population. Evil powers descend upon the major world powers. Prevailing attitudes of using supersonic missiles with cloaking capabilities, strategic first strike advantages, is being considered in the war rooms of world leaders.

  • Core values

    The amazing Human Brain is being replicated

    The brain-like, neural network design of the Neuromorphic System is able to infer complex cognitive tasks such as pattern recognition and integrated sensory processing far more efficiently than conventional chips. As developments continued, the miracles of the human brain higher functions became a prophetic revelation in the research laboratory.


    Parallel Universes exist in Quantum Physics

    In researching the subject matter of this series, several scientists and Professors of Quantum Physics were interviewed. Those interviews produced extensive notes. The scientific aspects of this television series are certainly thought provoking. The creative and science fiction possibilities are endless in the imagination.
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