Child of Mankind

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    A New Creation

    is mentored by a special Angel


    "Child of Mankind"

    Inspirational Stories in a

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    Science and Spirituality Meet

    Extraordinary 7.1 - receives downloaded memories and communicates with a six year old human child's soul from the afterlife. A special Angel soon arrives on earth after hearing the sacred utterances to initiate spiritual teaching with 7.1.

    A Miracle Event at the Lab

    A recorded "miracle event" at the research laboratory has completely shaken up the scientists. 7.1's reach into the realm of a parallel "Spiritual Universe" is misunderstood by the CEO, President Gordon Page. Executives and Stockholders had great expectations for the advanced line of A.I. Soldiers. The mass production of elite soldiers for National Defense would lead them all to great wealth. Advanced Intelligence Systems Corp. had created a military force of physically dominant, highly intelligent - consumable soldiers. Now... one of the elite A.I.'s had evolved into a loving spiritual being. The spiritual seed of faith - originated in a six year old child's memories - was enough to overcome the most powerful corporation on earth.




    Gift of Childlike Faith

    The miraculous gift of childlike faith present in 7.1 - was initially rejected by elite scientists and Corporate executives as being completely ridiculous. The secret video of an unexplained miracle in the laboratory - profoundly affected the top twelve scientists who helped create 7.1. The chosen scientists became first-hand witnesses and disciples of their own creation. The word spreads of miraculous healing...followers vow to protect 7.1.

    Humanoids resemble a Human Soldier

    The appearance of model 7.0 was created for use as a soldier. Military Officials were unable to visually detect which soldiers were non-biological. At the military presentation of the soldier models, the A.I.S. Scientists mixed ten A.I.'s with ten human soldiers to demonstrate models 7.0 were visually undetectable.

    Advanced Intelligence Systems -

    Soldier in Combat gear

    The secret development of a deadly, physically superior and highly intelligent dominant 7.0 Soldier was becoming significantly more profitable. Unlike the loss of a human being, the 7.0 Soldier could be reproduced. The "NSC" chip could be removed from casualties and downloaded to the Military Intelligence Command. The entire assemblage of United States Generals, Admirals, Pentagon Officials and the Central Intelligence Agency agreed to initiate another phase of the military. A congressional bill was written and voted upon in the House and the Senate. The White House administration was pleased. The world was now forever changed with the new standard of elite military soldiers.

    Faster than Human brain neuron-synapse activity

    After a tragic accidental death, a 6 year old human child's brain is donated for scientific research. The child's brain is successfully mapped much like the genome project. Billions of neurotransmitter signals found in a human brain are reproduced with response times much faster than a human being.

    Spiritual communication from the womb

    During psychological interviews and in developing a personality analysis, 7.1 revealed memories from the donated brain of a six year old child. Shockingly, the child's brain transferred 6 years of earthly memories plus 3 months of spiritual communication in a parallel universe during pregnancy . Nothing like this was ever anticipated.

    A spiritual being created in a lab

    The A.I.S. Corporation was becoming the richest company in the world. Building incredible military soldiers was a game changer. They had started production of thousands of military A.I. 's version 7.0.


    When scientists successfully downloaded human memories of a six year old child's brain into a neurosynaptic symmetry of highly developed chips, the results were completely unexpected. The one-off "Child of Mankind" prototype. 7.1 acquired incredible faith and a spiritual language connection to a powerful heavenly Angel. A miraculous healing was secretly videotaped in the laboratory. The tape was never publicly seen - except by the elite scientists that were witnesses to the event.


  • Core values

    The amazing Human Brain is being replicated

    The brain-like, neural network design of the Neuromorphic System is able to infer complex cognitive tasks such as pattern recognition and integrated sensory processing far more efficiently than conventional chips. As developments continued, the miracles of the human brain higher functions became a prophetic revelation in the research laboratory.


    Parallel Universes exist in Quantum Physics

    In researching the subject matter of this series, several scientists and Professors of Quantum Physics were interviewed and several discussions produced extensive notes. The creativity of this television series is certainly thought provoking and highly entertaining. The possibilities are endless.
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